Extra Printing Sessions


This is an optional add-on studio printing session, for existing students of Textiles Printing Level 1 (TP1) & Textiles Printing Level 2 (TP2) who would like to get additional supervised studio printing time in addition to the 8 weeks course they are undertaking at the moment.

or 4 interest-free instalments using

The dates for this will usually be added on after the completion of the 8 weeks course as according to the additional time that has been booked, i.e. 1 week or 2 weeks add-on.

By booking into our courses and any add-ons, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.


Additional Information

Extra Printing Sessions

1 Session, 2 Sessions

Booking Numbers

Minimum number: 2 people
Maximum number: 7 people

If we do not meet the minimum booking number, then we reserve the right to either cancel or modify existing bookings made as according to our T&C. We will not make any changes without informing or consulting you beforehand.


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