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A large space design that enhances creativity – found in Bangkok

We found this gem online, and simply fell in love with it! The two floors of the Bangkok University Creative Centre (BUCC) designed by Supermachine’s architects Pitupong Chaowakul, Nuntawat Tassanasangsoon, Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, and Worawit Hongwiang are a mesmerising journey of colour, shape, light and texture. We love the way this large space design fosters creativity, in every one of its rooms and halls. The BUCC includes a workshop, library, exhibition space, viewing room and offices:

Bangkok University Creative Center is a perfect example of large space design to foster creativity

The entire large space design is centred around the 180 square-meter wall – “Lo-Fi pixel wall”, an installation of 10,000 custom-made rotating four-sided plastic pieces in pink, blue, green and yellow, that students can play around with, to create colour patterns or write messages:

The “Lo-Fi pixel wall” – one of the main attractions in the BUCC

We really like the feel of this place, as it seems to perfectly exemplify the type of oasis where creative ideas are born. In fact, just looking at these pictures is getting our creative juices flowing! What’s you favorite creative space?

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Inspiring Designers, Part Ten

The finale post in our inspiring designers series looks at a figure whose family history is rooted in the fashion and textile industry – Dries Van Noten.

Browsing the summer 2015 collection is a real treat for the eyes – bright, bold colours, and lots of contrasting prints and patterns. This vivacity is juxtaposed by the materials used to create the garments – the use of silk and light, floaty materials softens the impact of the statement colours and patterns.

Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris.
Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris. ©Dries Van Noten 2015.

Noten’s ability to combine such busy prints and patterns whilst avoiding the trap of overkill is what we (as print enthusiasts) find most inspiring. Noten’s designs are alive with artistic flair and beauty.

Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris.
Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris. ©Dries Van Noten 2015.
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Inspiring Designers, Part Nine

We’re delving into the art world today in our inspiring designers blog with visual artist David Shrigley!

Shrigley’s work is always striking for three reasons: it’s funny, honest, and subversive. We find Shrigley inspiring for his ability to produce work that is simple yet always makes a clear statement.

Pictured: Part of 'Blanket of Filth' series. ©David Shrigley 2015.
Pictured: Part of ‘Blanket of Filth’ series. ©David Shrigley 2015.

Shrigley’s work is currently on display in the Scottish National Gallery as part of the ‘GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland’ (on display until 25th January 2015).

Picture: Part of the 'To Make the Meringue You Must Beat the Egg Whites Until They Look Like This;' series. ©David Shrigley 2015.
Picture: Part of the ‘To Make the Meringue You Must Beat the Egg Whites Until They Look Like This;’ series. ©David Shrigley 2015.


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New Website Launch

We’re pleased to be able to announce the launch of our amazing new website! The new site has been created in accordance with Moody Monday’s recent rebranding, and offers customers a more user-friendly, tailored shopping experience.

The Moody Monday team worked closely with a local web design agency, Clooti, to ensure that the site lookd great and engages interest. An interior design company must have a website that matches the beauty of their work, of course. The new design is much more contemporary and minimalist than the former, and better showcases the brands taste for luxury and elegance. The layout is also designed so that users can navigate the content of the site more smoothly.

Photo: The new Moody Monday homepage.
Photo: The new Moody Monday homepage.

The new site features a boutique section where customers can browse our collections in full. There is also a tool that makes suggestions about which of our products you might like, based on your preferences. Customers are also able to access information about the Moody Monday bespoke service. This allows clients to work with our chief designer, Eliza, to design and create products that reflect your personal taste.

We hope that you love the new site as much as we do!


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Inspiring Designers, Part Eight

Today we’re feeling inspired by fashion designer Issey Miyake!

Miyake’s concept focuses on innovation – both in terms of design and the production of garments. To this end, Miyake seeks to defy convention and challenge traditional expectations, continuously striving to create clothes that express diversity and uniqueness.

Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.
Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015. 

What we find most inspiring is Miyake’s fashion-forward, futuristic style; it makes us think of fashion origami with the use of structured, almost architectural forms.


Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.
Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.



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Inspiring Designers, Part Seven

This week in our inspiring designers series we’re looking at the iconic Vivienne Westwood.

With roots in punk fashion, Westwood’s designs always carry that subversive edge which makes them feel so unique. However, her work also possesses a certain sophistication, a stylish elegance that escalates her designs to the level of luxury.

Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.
Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.

Though Westwood’s use of prints and patterns is perhaps more sparing than some of the other names we’ve showcased here, her use of colour is always pleasing and playful. Her collaboration with Melissa, too, demonstrates her ability to produce designs that are at once trendy and inventive but also eclectic and full of character.

What we find most inspiring is the theatricality of her work; her designs are full of whimsy yet possess a certain edge that is the hallmark of Westwood style. Think Alice in Wonderland, but with more eyeliner.

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Inspiring Designers, Part Six

This week we’re looking at fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, though you might know her better as the founder of high-end clothing and homeware brand Biba.

Hulanicki launched Biba in the 1960s, before it became a popular high-street brand in the 70s. The brand was relaunched in 2010 in House of Fraser stores, where it continues to be successful for its iconic patterns and prints.

Photo: Biba 2015.
Photo: ©Biba 2015.

What we find most inspiring about Hulanicki’s work is its subtle theatricality and use of beautiful Art Deco style. The designs are bold, statement prices yet remain sophisticated and elegant. The use of plush colours ensures a sense of luxury, making the Biba homeware collection feel really special.


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Inspiring Designers, Part Five

This week we’re keeping it bright and bold with Basso & Brooke!

Revered for their digital prints, fashion and textile designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke have collaborated with many major corporations where they have produced cutting-edge work that never fails to express a strong sense of personality. If you like making a statement then Basso & Brooke are for you.

Photo: ©Basso & Brooke Studio 2015.
Photo: ©Basso & Brooke Studio 2015.

We really adore the diversity of their prints, which are often busy with a geometric, artsy style. The designs are inspiring for their bold, surreal style that sometimes borders on ‘trippy’. We’re also impressed by their ability to match their prints to such a range of products: clothing, accessories, homewares, even skateboards!

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Interview with Hannah, Marketing Intern

Hannah has been working with us for the past few weeks as a Marketing Intern. She looks after the production and scheduling of our blogs and social media content, as well as carrying out market research and the finer details such as proof reading content for our forthcoming Look Book.

We caught up with her to see how she was getting on…

How has working for Moody Monday compared to your expectations of an internship position?
The working atmosphere is much more relaxed than I originally expected, which is nice. Everyone gets on with their work and there’s a lot of productivity but without a sense of competitiveness.

What aspect(s) of the internship have you enjoyed most?
Work-wise I’ve enjoyed writing content and copy for the website and blog posts. I enjoy writing and am used to doing so in an academic context, so it was fun and challenging to write for a different purpose. I’ve also enjoyed meeting people and making new friends – everyone here is really fun and welcoming so it’s been easy to get along with my colleagues.

How will you use your experience of this internship in the future?
Mostly I’ll use my experience for future jobs as I’ve cultivated new skills such as social media management and market research. I’ve also developed other skills such as problem solving and working as a team; all great things to add to your CV!

Photo: Hannah and Andrea working on the new Look Book.

What have you learned about designing/the creative industry during your internship?
The internship has given me an insight into running a business within the creative industry, which is something I had very little experience of before. I’ve learned that you have to be prepared to submit a lot of time, energy, and dedication to achieve the outcome you want – producing and selling your products. I’ve also learned that sometimes the creative part has to be put on hold while administrative tasks are completed – so applying for grants, attending events and networking etc.

Are there any designers/artists that you particularly admire?
In terms of fashion, I really like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, and I used to like Luella when they were still around. I’ve discovered a few architects/interior designers while I’ve been here; people like Neri Oxman and Timorous Beasties are really cool.

What did you study at university?
My undergraduate degree is in English Literature, which I undertook at the University of Sheffield. I completed my Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh; it’s an MSc in Literature and Modernity.

What are your career plans?
My ultimate career goal is to be a lecturer at a university, most likely specialising in modern and contemporary literature. I’m applying for my PhD later this year, which is the next step in that plan. For now, however, I’m taking time out of full-time education to work and continue my academic research privately.

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Inspiring Designers, Part Four

Today we’re looking to the futuristic work of architect and designer Neri Oxman for inspiration!

Oxman’s designs are particularly striking, incorporating digital and computational design with materials science and synthetic biology to explore the relationship between the natural world and the artificial components that we build into it.

Photo: Zuhal, part of the 'Wanderers; An Astrological Exploration' collection. ©Neri Oxman 2015.
Photo: Zuhal, part of the ‘Wanderers; An Astrological Exploration’ collection. ©Neri Oxman 2015.

We find the ‘Wanderers’ collection particularly compelling, not least for Oxman’s stunning use of colour, materials, and surface textures. This project is a collaboration with Stratasys, a 3D printing company, and ties in with their collection ‘The Sixth Element: Exploring the Natural Beauty of 3D Printing’. The designs are tailored to the various environments of the planets within our solar system, and the concept behind each design is to aid humanity’s survival within that landscape through absorption and production of biomatter.

Photo: Mushtari, part of the 'Wanderers' collection. ©Neri Oxman 2015.
Photo: Mushtari, part of the ‘Wanderers’ collection. ©Neri Oxman 2015.

What we find so inspiring about Oxman’s designs is their tactile quality; you can’t help but be drawn in by the diverse textures and materials. Though beautiful, the designs are also subversive and surreal – a unique blend of science, technology, and design innovation that we can’t resist.