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Luxury Tableware – Designer’s Choice

Tableware – and cutlery in particular – is one of those ‘details’ that gets easily overlooked in interiors, but we think having a luxurious set on the table makes the entire dining experience more enjoyable and unique, be it at home or in a restaurant. For this blog post, we decided to do a bit or research into high end cutlery sets available on the market, and we were quite taken with one in particular:


We found the set on Amara’s website and found it is designed and sold by Portuguese manufacturer Cutipol. We liked this particular design due to the colour mix and modernistic shapes of the cutlery pieces; a simple yet impactful set, with a powerful contrast. Definitely a statement piece on any dinner table!

Cutipol design the set in a golden variation as well, with black or white handles, as shown below:


While we like all three variations, we have to admit the former is the one you would be most likely to see on Moody Monday’s dinner table, as it would be a very good match for our line of luxury coasters and placemats:


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