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Eliza in studio with fabric
Photo credit: Cro & Kow, 2021

It all started with the little sketches and poems on the wall, where my bed was up against in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I regularly visited with a biro. I would draw around the cracks and any peeling paint on that wall, refusing for it to be repainted.

It all started with the exciting and inquisitive union of a misplaced pair of scissors and the innocent green t-shirt I was wearing at the time, as a child.

Years later, my mum then decided to get me a set of rapidograph pens as my choice of ‘creative weapon’, possibly to keep me away from misplaced scissors. So, I carried on in my teens where I would draw on pretty much anything, even on my friends at school. I would then daydream during geography while I gleefully sketch away on my textbooks, table, and bags, with this wonderful gift.


Eliza in studio
Photo credit: Cro & Kow, 2021

I’m Eliza, a printed textiles designer and maker, specializing in meticulously crafted hand-printed wallpaper and fabrics and the founder of Moody Monday.

I started the design studio and business in early 2011, after receiving my first wallpaper commission from a design-boutique in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh. Following the widespread acclaim the work garnered through various exhibitions since, I then established Moody Monday in 2014.

After graduating with a degree in Design for Textiles from Heriot-Watt University in 2006, I undertook numerous freelance projects and work experience opportunities with notable design companies. I joined a major interiors company, as part of their communication and design team in 2008, and then decided to follow my dream and set-up on my own in 2011.


Eliza in studio looking through a wallpaper sample book.
Photo credit: Cro & Kow, 2021

I have always seen the things around me from a different lens. Little did I know that I would embark on a career as a printed textiles designer as an adult.

To me, a wall is never just ‘a wall’, a piece of fabric, furniture, right to an unassuming piece of trash is never just that, they are a world of visual possibilities, a treasure trove of delights!

I love making the connections between objects and subjects that are unconventionally meant for each other and see what new wonders would exist in the world from that exploration, like an alchemist. Challenging what ‘beauty’ really means in relation to the chosen subject matter and how it resonates with the eye of the beholder.

Being a visual alchemist through my designs and craft gives me a sense of excitement, fulfillment and connection to the wider world beyond my own imagination.

Old habits die hard it seems. Here I am many years later, still drawing with ink, about anything that catches my imagination, thankfully, not on anything anymore.

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Below is a short film by Cro + Kow that delves into Eliza’s work in the studio.

Conversations with Creators: designer Eliza Kesuma from Cro + Kow on Vimeo.


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Keith Wilson – Private Commission

“Very skilled and professional work. Eliza was quick to understand my requirements and produced a high quality bespoke product exactly as I had envisioned it. Highly recommended.”


Dale Gibson of EDINBURGH PALETTE – Wallpaper Commission

“Moody Monday’s originality and attention to detail always ensures an exceptionally high quality product.”


Beth L – Textiles Printing Level 1 & 2 (TP1 & TP2)

“This course was a real blessing when I was feeling a bit lost in my own practice by giving me the chance to learn a new skill and see the possibilities this opens up. Eliza is a very energetic warm course leader, she encourages everyone to experiment and provides a thorough foundation of the practical skills on which you build throughout the weeks. I’ve left this feeling more confident and keen to pursue screen printing. Definitely recommend!!”


Megan L – Textile Printing Level 1 (TP1)

“The textile printing course with Eliza at Moody Monday was fantastic. I’ve learnt so much & to end with being able to print our own designs was a real highlight. I’d highly recommend this course for anyone interested in printing. Eliza is knowledgable, fun & a supportive & engaging teacher. She also has a steady supply of tea & biscuits!”


Gaya KH – Print Your Own Silk Scarf

“I took a one day class with Eliza on silk screen printing, and enjoyed it a lot! It was extremely well organised both ahead of time and at the duration of the course. Eliza is very knowledgeable and provided with plenty of examples of prints supported with reference materials for own research. I was very pleased with the outcome, and it actually exceeded my expectations, and now I am a happy owner of self painted a very unique silk scarf. In addition, it was a relaxed and cozy environment with lots of hot tea and biscuits to keep us warm on a rainy day. I will ideally be looking for a longer course sessions to learn more about the techniques, colour mixing, as there is plenty to learn. Many thanks for a great class, Moody Monday! Highly recommend for anyone interested in silk screen printing.”


Charlotte – Textile Printing Level 1 (TP1)

“Last year, Eliza’s level 1 textiles printmaking course and thoroughly enjoyed. Beforehand, the idea of screen printing seemed scary and beyond my ability but Eliza made it so much fun and easy to understand by demonstrating and having us follow all the steps to producing prints. It is a brilliant course and I would recommend it to anyone. Recently, I bought 3 of Eliza’s handmade masks – they fit amazingly, are very breathable and MOST IMPORTANTLY have stopped my glasses steaming up when outside!! Thanks so much Eliza!! ?”


Ally – Customer
“I bought designer coasters from Moody Monday. The quality and design were top notch. I visited Moody Monday at Out Of The Blue Abbeymount Studios and she seemed very down to earth but also very professional and I would definitely recommend purchasing from Moody Monday.”


Tania – Customer
“These are fab quality face masks! I particularly love the overhead loop ones as they are easy to wear with glasses and even a winter hat. I feel they don’t restrain my breathing too. With the special 3FOR2 offer, I got myself enough masks to fit my various outfits, moods and even got one for special occasions! Do get your local and stylish mask from Moody Monday. You won’t regret it.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 1 (TP1)
“Great course, I’ve been looking for one for so long and I’m so glad I found Moody Monday and Eliza.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 1 (TP1)
“Eliza is a great tutor and I have discovered a love for the medium. Great course!”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 1 (TP1)
“Thanks for the experience and I’m considering level 2!”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 1 (TP1)
“I enjoyed the hands-on style of learning and a very in depth explanation of printing processes. I cannot think of anything I would change.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 2 (TP2)
“I enjoy the freedom of the course. The sense that you gain confidence from the equipment and process from an early stage then can adapt it to your own ideas. Eliza is loads of fun and really supportive.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 2 (TP2)
“I really enjoyed discovering painting on the screen and having the chance to experiment with this technique. Also I loved making something completely by hand, right from original drawings to finished printed textile. I found it really rewarding gaining knowledge of the printing process and creating a design I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of if it weren’t for the course.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 2 (TP2)
“Its a practical course so there was a balance between learning through making and listening to Eliza. It was energetic and I didn’t feel like I was being inundated with a ton of information.”


Anonymous – Textiles Printing Level 2 (TP2)
“All subjects were explained thoroughly and it was great to get an overview of all aspects of the process from the drawing stages to mixing dyes to finishing the printed fabrics. ”


Anonymous – Print Your Own Silk Scarf
“Was a good balance between doing your own design and making something manageable within the time/persons abilities. Could do with being a bit longer (maybe an extra hour).”


Anonymous – Print Your Own Silk Scarf
“Eliza is very supportive and knowledgeable. Really good at helping to come up with something that is your own and manageable.”