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© M.K. Jackson, 2013
© M.K. Jackson, 2013

Moody Monday debuted to critical acclaim in 2014, led by designer and creative director Eliza Kesuma.

After graduating with a degree in Textiles & Design from Heriot-Watt University, Eliza undertook numerous freelance projects and work experience opportunities with notable design companies. In 2008, a major interiors company recruited her as part of their communication and design team.

Recognising a niche in the interiors market for distinctive designs that challenged traditional creative concepts, Eliza began developing a signature style that was innovative, stylish and luxurious. By embracing individuality, she strives to subvert people’s expectations of interior design with her highly original and provocative collections.

Moody Monday’s core philosophy that beauty can come from the unlikeliest of places, underpins all of our designs, products and projects. The ‘Secret Music Collection’, inspired by the hidden inner workings of an abandoned musical organ, produced exquisitely compelling designs and received widespread praise at exhibitions across the UK.

Along with a bespoke service that tailors design concepts to fit the specific needs of clients, Moody Monday welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with innovative interior companies, global brands and businesses.


                             Moody Monday • Critical Acclaim


Hand screen-printing in Edinburgh studio

“Luxury wallpaper that subvert the norms of traditional florals along with textile printed designs that combine strong geometric patterns and bold colours. Moody Monday creatively interprets original subject matters by hand drawing visually interesting components with extensive technical control.” – DETAIL MAGAZINE

“Moody Monday creates innovative wallpaper using imagery from discarded objects and machinery to provide cutting edge modern prints.” – SCOTTISH FIELD

Contemporary hand-printed wallpaper and fabrics destined to bring that touch of individuality and luxury to any interior space.”MODH

Chosen as one of Barbara Chandler’s ‘Best in Show’ collections at 2013’s London Design Festival – “An edgy urban collection that is one of the must-have products from this year’s festival”.LONDON EVENING STANDARD

Moody Monday’s signature patterns are an intriguing combination of graphic and slightly surreal concepts inspired by modern urban life.” – DECOMAG

“Moody Monday’s originality and attention to detail always ensures an exceptionally high quality product.” – EDINBURGH PALETTE

“Exploring the polar opposite of commonly perceived beauty and instead using something deemed as useless junk as an inspiration, Moody Monday’s designs combine strong geometrical patterns with bold colours”.RETAIL FOCUS



Below is a short film by Make Works that delves behind the scenes of Moody Monday.