Cushion Inners

Information on Different Fillings

All of our cushions comes complete with their luxurious cushion inner counterparts. In that respect, we have 2 high quality filling options for you to choose from. This option to choose your own filling is only available exclusively through our website.

So what are these luxurious options and what sets them apart from each other?


The best man made (synthetic) cushion pads available, which makes this a luxurious alternative to Duck Feather cushion pads, and ideal for allergy sufferers. They retain their appearance, shape and comfort even after prolonged use and simply bounce back into shape with little need for ‘plumping’, always looks well filled and plump.

Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Duck Feathers

They’re soft and supportive allowing the body to nestle into the cushion, they are soft and plump and have that lived in look. Daily plumping is required to retain comfort.

Dry clean only.