Our ‘STELLAR’ collection creatively examines the many complex elements comprised within our vast universe. The variety of extraordinary shapes & textures hidden with the sky and space reveal an often-overlooked beauty.

All the Stellar collection wallpapers are fire tested and which passes European and US fire regulations recommended for commercial interior use. They have European Fire Rating Certificate: B – s1, d0 (EN 13501-1:2007+A1: 2009).

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  • STELLAR Fabric SamplePack

    STELLAR Fabric Sample Pack

  • STELLAR Wallpaper Sample Pack

    STELLAR Wallpaper Sample Pack

  • Nebulae Large Fabric Placemat - SideB

    Nebulae Reversible Placemats, Set of 2

  • Altair Melamine Coasters x4

    Altair Melamine Coasters

  • Aquila Melamine Coasters x4

    Aquila Melamine Coasters

  • Nebulae Fabric Coasters

    Nebulae (Reversible) Hexagonal Coasters

  • Nebulae Melamine Coasters x4

    Nebulae Melamine Coasters

  • Pyxis Melamine Coasters x4

    Pyxis Melamine Coasters

  • STELLAR Mixed Coasters

    Stellar Melamine Coasters, Multi

  • Altair Fabric

    Altair Fabric

  • Aquila_wallpaper blue and purple

    Aquila Wallpaper, Blue & Purple at Midnight

  • Aquila wallpaper_Green & Orange

    Aquila Wallpaper, Green & Orange at Midnight

  • moody monday_aquila wallpaper_purple and white2

    Aquila Wallpaper, Purple & White at Dawn

  • Aquila wallpaper_sage and orange2

    Aquila Wallpaper, Sage & Orange at Dawn

  • Centaurus Voile

    Centaurus Voile

  • Centaurus Wallpaper, Blue at Dawn

  • Centaurus Wallpaper, Orange at Dawn

  • Centauruswallpaper_orangemidnight2

    Centaurus Wallpaper, Orange at Midnight

  • Centaurus Wallpaper, Silver at Dawn

  • centauruswallpaper_tealblue_midnight

    Centaurus Wallpaper, Teal at Midnight

  • MoodyMonday_hydrawallpaper_blueorange2

    Hydra Wallpaper, Blue & Orange at Midnight

Showing 1–21 of 36 results