Sharing is Caring
Sharing is caring

What’s going on? Why am I here? What’s all this fuss about printing?

Are you happy and proud of your newfound printing skills? Would you like to share your newly discovered passion with a friend or family, or maybe thought of someone else while doing our courses that you think might love it as much as you do? Perhaps a short course with your best friend, new friend, mum, brother, father, sister, partner, neighbour, co-workers, or your hairdresser as a lovely day-experience to be had together, creating something unique and beautiful as your relationship?

Let’s face it; learning is always better with a buddy especially if you both end up learning new skills together!

This is why we have an offer that will reward both you and a friend with a 10% discount off any of our courses, if you refer a friend or family member to join you on your next course with us.

You don’t even have to book on the same course at the same time to qualify for a reward. If you see yourself as more of a solo worker, but knows someone that could benefit from a learning experience and would still like to share and receive this great reward.

Sounds fantastic! I like a good reward! How do I get this?

If you have been in one of our courses previously or in one right now, all you need to do to get 10% off your next course booking is email us the person you’re recommending’s full name & valid email address to and type ‘Refer a Friend’ on the subject heading. We will then send a discount code to the both of you via email for you to use in your course bookings. You will then need to apply your code at the checkout to get 10% off your course booking.

This promotion is valid from January 2019, until we decide otherwise.

By participating in this promotion you are acknowledging that you have read and agreeing to our terms & conditions.