About The Handmade Process

About The Handmade Process

new cushion designs being hand-printed for KOLEKTYW exhibition

Most of our products are hand-printed, like our wallcoverings in our studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. These are printed using the screen-printing process using water-based, non-toxic inks, and eco pigment concentrates (colours are hand-mixed also by us, Moody Monday). In the case of our wallpapers, it is printed onto heavy weight PEFC sourced paper.

Some our other products may be digitally printed, like some of the cushions, in which case it will still be hand made with lots of care and attention to detail of the highest quality which you should expect from all of our products.

sewn with love and care..

All of our products are designed and hand-made by Moody Monday in our Edinburgh studio. Occasionally, when it gets a little bit overwhelming, or if the requirements dictate it to be so, we may require some assistance in manufacturing it. But rest assured that it will still be made in the UK at the very least.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy the products we’ve designed and crafted by hand with the utmost care and passion for quality and great design.


What does it really mean for the environment?

It is printed on PEFC forest sourced paper
This means that the paper we use for our wallpaper have been responsibly sourced from legal and sustainable sources.

The inks we use are water-based inks
They do not contain PVC or phthalates and we don’t need solvents to clean the screens down after they’ve been used – so we clean our screens with water. Therefore they are safer on the water supply.

The inks are also hand-mixed in small batches in our studio prior to manufacturing to minimise wastage. Which makes it even more important for you to make sure you order enough for your project, to ensure the consistency of colour. It is better to over estimate rather than under estimate the amount.

If you’re interested in how we do what we do, please feel free to read our blog about what happens behind the scene.