Calculating How Much Wallpaper to Order

How do I know how much wallpaper I need to order?

Below is a rough guide to calculate how much wallpaper you would need to order. You would also need to add 1 roll to the total amount as contingency, as everything we have is made to order. So to ensure evenness of colour throughout your walls, it is most paramount that you make sure you order enough for your project.

And as always, if in doubt, please seek advice from a professional.

1. Calculate the total of your wall area:

   Wall Width x Wall Height = Wall Area

You would then times this by however many walls you’re doing to get your total:
Wall area x The number of walls = Total Wall Area

Example: If you’re doing a whole room of four walls, you would then do this:
   Wall area x 4 (walls) = Total Wall Area

2. Calculate the total unpapered area, i.e. windows, doors:

    Width x Height (of doors, windows, etc) = Unpapered Area

To get your total on the unpapered areas, you would do the same as #1.
Unpapered Area x The number of doors/ windows = Total Doors/ Windows

Example: Say you have 2 windows and 1 door in this whole room you’re papering, then you would do this:
(Windows) Unpapered Area x 2 = Total Windows
(Doors)     Unpapered Area x 1 = Total Doors
                                                ______________ +
                                              = Total Unpapered Area

3. Calculate the area to be wallpapered:

    Total Wall Area – Total Unpapered Area = Wallpapered Area

Our wallpapers tend to cover an approximate area of 5.19m² out of 1 roll (of a standard 10 metre length, and 52cm width). This should provide you with an approximate 3 drops of wallpaper on a standard domestic wall height. They also have a low wastage rate due to the repeat size, and the way it’s been designed.

The best way forward though, is to consult a professional decorator for advice, because different sites will have different requirements and challenges. Therefore the amount that you will need for your projects will vary significantly from site to site.

We maintain in close contact with specialist hand-printed wallpaper decorators that works with us from time to time that we would be able to recommend should you need one. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

This information has been provided for guidance only and in good faith, but without guarantee, as the skill of application and site conditions are beyond our control.