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Dark Bedrooms to invite you in

Bedrooms should be relaxing and tranquil. The colour scheme has a big part to play to create this atmosphere. We struggle to find any other colour that does this better than black.  It is a versatile colour which can be calming, alluring, warm and fresh at the same time. These bedrooms will inspire you to get some dark tones in your bedroom.

blog1_dark bedroom_contemporary

The dark velvet headboard evokes a touch of luxury in this room. With hints of gold, the luxury is raised up a notch. The herringbone pattern on the flooring also infuses a rich earthy tone to the room. Image credit

blog2_dark bedroom_contemporary

This room designed by Raphael Langevin has a delicate balance of masculine and feminine features. The lighting scheme adds unexpected interest and drama. The combination of textiles in the different shades of grey also add welcome texture.

blog3_dark bedroom_contemporary

This minimalist bedroom is simple, classy and elegant. The use of white bedding creates a light and airy look. Sure to conjure a sense of warmth and comfort on those dark wintry nights. Image credit

blog4_dark bedroom_contemporary

A carefully curated collection of objects give us insight into this home owner’s loves. Flaunt it if you have it, we think. This maximalist room is the perfect gentleman’s pad. Image credit

blog5_dark bedroom_contemporary

Designed by Angelina Alexeeva, this dark stylish bedroom uses a cool black base with fresh pops of grey and white.