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London Evening Standard – 100% Design, September 2013

Firstly, I would like to start by saying what a great honour it is to have met the highly respected and notable design journo, that is Barbara Chandler during our 100% Design journey in September 2013. She popped by our stand, directed me all over the stand for the best lighting (she seems to really know what she wants!) and snap-snap she went!

Of the brief encounter we had chatting briefly whilst she was directing me to get the best lighting for her shots. I got the impression that she’s one heck of a woman! At the fine age that she is right now, she’s still very much active in her chosen field – oozing passion for contemporary design and photo-journalism. Have quite the eye for it too I might add! Her decisiveness is also one to admire. She’s still very much busy buzzing around the London Design Festival with an exhibition of her own, also giving talks at the V&A during this period. I recalled her rushing away to get to that talk after her visit to our stand. Yet, with all that stripes to her badge, she still comes across a very down to earth and approachable person. Shortly speaking, she’s one cool cookie and what an admirable woman!

Secondly, I would like to thank this fabulous woman for including us in her ‘Best in Show – The pick of the fabulous London Design Festival’ as one of the must-have products from this year’s festival. And I am certainly delighted that she thinks highly of our debut collection! Here’s a preview of it:

London Evening Standard, September 2013

London Evening Standard, September 2013

The electronic version of the complete publication can be found here.

Find the featured wallpaper in our shop.

We would like to thank the many intriguing individuals, professionals and businesses that we’ve met and have given us such great interests in our designs and most importantly, their invaluable feedback and support during our time on our first show at 100% Design.


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