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Stunning Luxury hotels with colourful interiors

When you think of luxury hotels, many times a bit of beige comes to mind. Many a hotel are adorned with neutral tones coupled with hints of gold and black which epitomise glamour and opulence.

However there is another world of luxury hotel design that loves generous volumes of colour and striking patterns for the adventurous guest who’s looking for something different.

We’ve handpicked three luxury hotels you need to see for some colourful inspiration.

G&V Hotel, Edinburgh
In G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh’s breakout area, the creative mix of playful patterns creates a unique contemporary look. The fresh, vibrant colours of the oversized furniture also add more visual interest as it moves away from the muted tones popular in luxury room design.

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00 G&V guest room

The Soho Hotel, London

Designed by Kit Kemp, the 5-star Soho Hotel in London combines luxury with original design. With a contemporary English style, the striking interior of the rooms use interesting patterns on soft furnishings and walls.

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QT Gold Coast Hotel, Australia

With its eye-catching and chic design, the QT Gold Coast Hotel brings designer fun to luxury hotel design. By featuring strong art elements and the well-planned use of bright colours, guests are given a real feast for the senses.

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