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Inspiring creations – Glass sculptures

Before seeing this, it was easy to assume that it was impossible for something as seemingly delicate as glass and a material as solid as concrete could be a winning combination. By giving glass an almost liquid-like nature, the artist we’re featuring today perfects this effortlessly with great skill, superb intuition and bags of research behind him.

Ben Young creates intricate sculptural works from these two main materials. There is no sophisticated technology or digital help involved in the process as all of his creations are hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted from 4mm float glass, the ones used in windows. To do the cutting, he uses a glazier’s oil filled glass cutter.

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He usually works on multiple pieces at a time, sometimes up to ten, with each one exquisitely unique in its own right. They vary in how long they take to make, from a few weeks to a month.


A man of many skills – this self-taught artist, furniture maker, and surfer started this venture into glass-sculptures after seeing his dad make a glass wave years ago. He has no doubt developed his craft to perfection.

There’s so much more to see of Ben’s work, have a look at his website, and Facebook page.

All images reproduced with permission from artist.