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Glass Bottle Pendant Lights

Going through some of our favourite inspirational designs, we came across one simple yet lovely idea: using clear or tinted glass bottles as pendant lights.

These lighting solutions can work perfectly in commercial interiors, as well as residential ones. One of our favourite examples is this installation consisting of iron chain, chrome pendant holders and clear glass bulbs of varying shapes and sizes, which creates a rough industrial look:


An even more playful styling involves a light fixture composed of pendant lights hung at different heights. Two of our favourite examples are:


In a more extravagant and luxurious note, these brightly coloured light installations comprised of multiple glass bottles look both contemporary and stylish, and can work in both residential and commercial interiors:


Yet another creative approach would be using actual bottles, which can be a particularly nice touch in a pub or club setting. Here is one clever example that we liked:


Pictures courtesy of: blucarrot and design-milk