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Creative Ways of Using Standing Lamps

Lighting in interiors plays a very important role, and it can determine the focus of the room, as well as setting the tone for the ambiance and ‘feel’ of the room. This is why in this blog post, we’re looking at standing lamps and floor lamps, which are easy to add in any space.

We really love how these over-sized desk lamps are transformed into floor lamps, adding an innovative and stylish look to bedrooms and living rooms.


They also look very stylish and daring in an office setting, as we’ve previously seen when we discussed the layout of the Leo Burnett office in Moscow:


If you are looking to create a richer light effect, the use of floor lamps of different heights works like a charm. Two of our favourite examples are these lighting systems one in a more traditional shape (left) and the second in a modern design (right):


Yet another style that is gaining popularity in specialty articles are the hanging floor lamps, and for good reason. We think they work great for areas looking to create a calmed down, relaxed surrounding, ideal for reading corners and living room spaces:


Regardless of the preferred style, floor lamps can complement and emphasize the design of your rooms, for furniture to floors and wallcoverings.