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Bird inspired lamps from Temple and Ivy

Many creative designers have a knack for exploring elements of their environments to motivate and inspire them in their creative journey. The brand we’re featuring today takes you right into nature with their exquisite lamp collection.

For their very first collection, Temple and Ivy were inspired by the flamboyance and beauty of birds they encountered on their African travels in Kenya and Zimbabwe. They are also captivated by the Georgian era which was heavily characterised by the use of feet in furniture design.

Blog1_Shella lamp1

Shella Lamp, Inspired by the African Jacana with a handmade feather shade

Blog3_Shangra Lamp1.jpg

Shangra Lamp, Inspired by the flamingo with black & white silk shade

Using modern materials and traditional sculpture, these lamps are beautifully handcrafted in the UK and come in a variety of finishes ranging from copper, bronze to gold leaf. For lovers of texture, some are also adorned with feathers, beads and other interesting materials like this beautiful Multa lamp (pictured below).

Blog2_Multa Lamp1.jpg

Multa Lamp Inspired by the flamingo in a multicolour shade

Blog5_Kambu lamp1.jpg

Kambu Lamp, Inspired by the African Jacana with red dual feather shade

Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary style room you’re decorating, these lamps are delightfully perfect for adding character and a unique sense of style. Certainly perfect for a Moody Monday interior!

If you’re looking to see more of these exquisite lamps, visit

Images were reproduced with their permission.

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Stylish table lamp ideas

Continuing with our lighting theme, today we’re putting the spotlight on table lamps.

Like floor lamps, they are super easy to add to a space and can provide an instant change to a room. Combining function and tasteful design, well designed table lamps can create a practical lighting accent for any space.

Read on for a few ideas to get you started on your lighting adventure.

Go mid-century

If you’re looking for something with a modern take on mid-century design, these desk lamps from Delightfull Lamps are perfect for any contemporary living space. With their industrial design, they add style and a pop of colour to an office desk, side table or worktop.


The beauty of simplicity

If you like the minimalist look, you could opt for one with a classic contemporary look like these examples which show off beautiful design and thorough craftsmanship.

blog2_simple contemporary

Creative origami  

Lampshades take a rather creative turn with this lamp collection based on the traditional Japanese art of Origami. Designed by Sharyn Dunn, these lamps diffuse light in an elegant way and are a luxurious addition to enhance any interior. We’ve been doing some exciting collaborative work with Sharyn on a fusion of 2D and 3D for the Synchronise II exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design. Click here for a sneak peek.

blog2a_origami lamp

Here are some more origami creations by Ofir Zucker & Albi Serfaty, in collaboration with origami artist Ilan Garibi


We can’t forget the more common table lamp design you’ll find in most homes. The white lamp is practical yet simply divine. This interesting take on the tear drop style with the lamp on the left particularly caught our eye.


These luxurious lighting ideas can provide a convenient way of changing the ambience and mood of your space.

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