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Designing for Outdoor Spaces

When you’re looking to arrange an outdoors living space, sky is the limit, right? But this also means there are so many options, it may become daunting to choose the best ones for your space. In this blog post, we aim to show you a few of our favourite arrangements and decorations, and hopefully offer some inspiration to help you design your outdoor space – just the way you want it.

Furniture: The choices you make in picking the outdoor furniture will have a great impact on the feel of the space. For example, we recommend using a monochromatic colour palette adorned with sumptuous cushions and throws for a more glamorous look:


Alternatively, if you’re going for an urban style, choose contemporary designer & luxury outdoor furniture, which we recommend you enhance with bold accessories for a pop of colour:


Lighting: Whether it’s still daytime or getting dark, we think the use of different levels of lighting adds a special ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the outdoors living space. In line with the overall style of your space, you may decide to go for more contemporary or sumptuous options – below are a few suggestions. As interior designer Shelly Riehl David says, “Nothing flickers like real flame in a gas lantern”. Looking at these pictures, we could not agree more: