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4 Clever Ideas for under your staircase

With TV programmes like Double your House for Half the money, more homeowners are looking to maximise the space they have and increase the value of their homes over time. It has become more important to look out for any “dead” or unused space which can be transformed for better use. One of such spaces is under the staircase. The few examples we present are to provide you with ideas for the limitless opportunities the space under your staircase offers.

Perfect storage space

This is probably one of the most common uses for the space under the staircase. The angular shape offers a natural pattern for a perfect custom built-in storage solution. A must have for book lovers who need as much space as they can get for their treasured possessions. Not limited to books, decorative accessories can also help add style and add more character.



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As a powder room

Sometimes we could do with just that extra toilet for guests. How about using the space under the stairs? With a good space-saving layout, it won’t require much and it can provide that additional functionality and convenience you want in your home.


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Reading nook

Most kids like having a bit of relaxation time reading a book or catching up on their favourite cartoons on their tablets at home. A reading nook under the stairs kitted with fluffy pillows and throws to give it that extra cosiness will get those little ones enjoying their down time without any bother.


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For a home office

With more budding entrepreneurs, the working from home phenomenom is sure on the increase. Most people are not able to dedicate a whole room to their business office space so they turn their eyes to this underused space.


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Happy staircase inspiration!