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The Bespoke Colour Process

As some of you might be aware of, we hand-blend all our colours in house in order to create all of our bespoke wallpaper colours. How do we do it I hear you ask?

Well, think of it like a human version of the Dulux colour matching service, in a way.

Colour Swatches

We see the colour sample of what you want to achieve and we blend it with our industry expertise, plenty of heartfelt sensitivity and, a good eye for colour to give you the perfect colour that you deserve!

Colour and inks hand-blending in the studio

So, if a client comes to us saying, “I would love to have your ‘Black Keys’ design wallpaper in hot pink or duck egg blue on plain ground” (colours that we do not have as part of our main collection). We would ask you for a sample of this said hot pink or duck egg blue colour you have in mind and then go on our merry way to blend this for you, by hand.

We will use the example of us blending for our ‘Dance!’ wallpaper in reflex blue on black ground. This is what it would look like in the mixing pot:

Hand-blended ink

We then do some tests until we get the closest (almost accurate) match to it.

Colour samplingOnce we are happy with the results, this is the time for us to do what we call a ‘strike-off’ to ascertain that it’s all good for the final printing with the actual pattern of the design and its repeat. We do this to confirm the colour accuracy, ink consistency and that the artwork on the screens we are printing from is all ready to go as well.

See ‘strike off’ as the equivalent to a dry rehearsal for a play or show.

Example of a strike-off

As you could see, because the inks are hand-blended using our expertise and savviness, we can cater to any colour request you have in mind. We can even do a glow in the dark one for you, should you fancy a highly atmospheric room with a contemporary glow to it! (Tip: ideal for a trendy den idea or if you’re refurbishing a bar or club – our wallpaper are fire tested with a European fire certificate and suitable for commercial use)

With it being hand-blended, this means that it is done with so much more care and detail. And due to its hand-crafted nature, each one is unique – this is even though you decide to order from the same design and collection as the next person. Then again, if you want to be even more unique, you can ask for your own colour to be specially blended for you.

Or if you want to go all out with uniqueness, we can do a complete bespoke design service specific to your brief! How is that for all out bespoke?

We are happy to hear from you, so feel free to contact us to discuss about your unique project.