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Founder Focus – Topic 1: About Eliza’s Career Field

Founder Focus: Meet Eliza

Topic 1: About Eliza’s Career Field


Colour and inks hand-blending in the studio


How did you get started in this business?

I got started in this business shortly after I got made redundant from my full time job with one of a major interior company; that was at the height of redundancy happening everywhere.

I had always planned on starting my own design studio, but at the time that it happened, I did not think I was ready for it. After some soul searching, where I started designing on my own accord, along with some cold hard calculations looking at how long I would last with monies I’d saved up so far (my start-up pot) and redundancy pay, I thought I should take the plunge – “it was a now or never moment!” It was time for change, as they say “The Times They Are A-Changin”.


When did your interest in interior design first aroused?

My interest in interior design first aroused when I got my first house; I worked for a few years prior to starting university and then enrolled as a mature student. This is the first opportunity to do whatever I wanted to; a place of which I could call my own.

My interest in interior design then bloomed as I started doing my work placements at the many different design studios, ranging from fashion to interiors. This is when I discovered that although I still really love designing textiles for fashion and I am suitably able to do them both (fashion and interiors), my temperament and pace is much better suited to designing textiles for interiors. This went hand in hand with my increased interest in interior design as a whole.


What do you feel unique about your career field?

I feel that you can have a childlike curiosity and inquisitiveness and still be serious and taken seriously in what you do; and that they both actually work hand in hand, despite it seeming contradictory. Also, the people are much more fun and nicer to be around working with whilst still being professionals.

You don’t get that kind of luxury in many other career fields.