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Inspiring Designers, Part Seven

This week in our inspiring designers series we’re looking at the iconic Vivienne Westwood.

With roots in punk fashion, Westwood’s designs always carry that subversive edge which makes them feel so unique. However, her work also possesses a certain sophistication, a stylish elegance that escalates her designs to the level of luxury.

Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.
Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.

Though Westwood’s use of prints and patterns is perhaps more sparing than some of the other names we’ve showcased here, her use of colour is always pleasing and playful. Her collaboration with Melissa, too, demonstrates her ability to produce designs that are at once trendy and inventive but also eclectic and full of character.

What we find most inspiring is the theatricality of her work; her designs are full of whimsy yet possess a certain edge that is the hallmark of Westwood style. Think Alice in Wonderland, but with more eyeliner.