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See Different: Discovering the Power of Pattern

Today, we introduce you to Patternity. For something a little bit different, we’re looking at patterns. This is one of the first things you learn as a textile designer. A constant source of inspiration is key for your creations. You’re taught to look at things differently and develop a knack for looking beyond the obvious.

Musical instruments with tremendous detail. Sea creatures in sublime splendour. The galaxy with its hypnotic qualities. Look long enough and distinct patterns start to emerge, colours take a different turn and beauty awakens. The unexpected has a way of fuelling our inspiration.


Stumbling on Patternity was like a child finding a treasure box of sweets.  Their photo archive is a fantastic source of inspiration. From water, hair to soap bubbles, they show you just how ubiquitous patterns are.

Patternity was founded on the belief that “a shared awareness of pattern has the power to positively shape our world”. Originally known for their extensive online pattern archive, they’ve expanded into research and consultancy and also have a creative studio.


At Moody Monday, one of our core values is seeing hidden beauty and expressing it. We seek out hidden beauty and take out inspiration from unlikely places. So Patternity is a company after our own heart, they align well with our thinking.


Our Secret Music collection was inspired by the internal parts of an abandoned organ. A trip to the beach birthed our ‘Gems on the beach’ silk cushion.  Wait till you see our next collection.

Take some time over the next couple of days to look around you for inspiration. You might not want to become a designer but you’ll appreciate your environment just a little better.

All images were sourced from Patternity

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Using Pattern & Light In and Around Dining Areas

Exquisite dining – in your own home. Who’s to say you need to head downtown for a memorable, fine dining experience? While we will not be making dinner menu suggestions, we would like to give you a few tips on how to arrange your dining area to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Low hanging light solutions over the dinner table really bring the area into emphasis, and we find them to be a great way of enhancing the dining experience. They also add a flare modernism to the space. Our favourite ones look like this:


Pattern at the dinner table: to add a subtle yet outstanding note to your dining area, we recommend using high quality design place mats and coasters. These will serve a double purpose, protecting the surface of your dining table, and adding a dash of personality and an accent note to the table:


If you would like to see our entire collection of tableware accessories, they are available on our website: coasters and placemats.

After-dinner relaxing

For the after-dinner lounging area, we prefer low intensity lighting and even candle light, depending on the context and guests you’re entertaining. This will help create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Add a glass of wine, and you are bound to be a fabulous evening in. Here are a few examples:


Comfortable, visual textures as patterns: According to designer Abigail Ahern “soft furnishings are the five-minute face-lifts of the decorating world, instantly perking up your room with an array of different textures”. You can sue these either as stand-alone statement pieces, or bundled up to create contrast and play, using different visual textures. Recommended materials are silks and cotton, and our own collection offers luxurious cushions in daring patters and texture, ideal for adding a subtle yet outstanding note to your dining area:


From top to bottom, cushions suggested are:

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Inspiring Designers, Part Ten

The finale post in our inspiring designers series looks at a figure whose family history is rooted in the fashion and textile industry – Dries Van Noten.

Browsing the summer 2015 collection is a real treat for the eyes – bright, bold colours, and lots of contrasting prints and patterns. This vivacity is juxtaposed by the materials used to create the garments – the use of silk and light, floaty materials softens the impact of the statement colours and patterns.

Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris.
Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris. ©Dries Van Noten 2015.

Noten’s ability to combine such busy prints and patterns whilst avoiding the trap of overkill is what we (as print enthusiasts) find most inspiring. Noten’s designs are alive with artistic flair and beauty.

Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris.
Photo: Part of the inspirations exhibition, Paris. ©Dries Van Noten 2015.
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Inspiring Designers, Part Nine

We’re delving into the art world today in our inspiring designers blog with visual artist David Shrigley!

Shrigley’s work is always striking for three reasons: it’s funny, honest, and subversive. We find Shrigley inspiring for his ability to produce work that is simple yet always makes a clear statement.

Pictured: Part of 'Blanket of Filth' series. ©David Shrigley 2015.
Pictured: Part of ‘Blanket of Filth’ series. ©David Shrigley 2015.

Shrigley’s work is currently on display in the Scottish National Gallery as part of the ‘GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland’ (on display until 25th January 2015).

Picture: Part of the 'To Make the Meringue You Must Beat the Egg Whites Until They Look Like This;' series. ©David Shrigley 2015.
Picture: Part of the ‘To Make the Meringue You Must Beat the Egg Whites Until They Look Like This;’ series. ©David Shrigley 2015.


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Inspiring Designers, Part Eight

Today we’re feeling inspired by fashion designer Issey Miyake!

Miyake’s concept focuses on innovation – both in terms of design and the production of garments. To this end, Miyake seeks to defy convention and challenge traditional expectations, continuously striving to create clothes that express diversity and uniqueness.

Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.
Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015. 

What we find most inspiring is Miyake’s fashion-forward, futuristic style; it makes us think of fashion origami with the use of structured, almost architectural forms.


Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.
Photo: Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. ©Issey Miyake 2015.



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Inspiring Designers, Part Seven

This week in our inspiring designers series we’re looking at the iconic Vivienne Westwood.

With roots in punk fashion, Westwood’s designs always carry that subversive edge which makes them feel so unique. However, her work also possesses a certain sophistication, a stylish elegance that escalates her designs to the level of luxury.

Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.
Photo: ©Vivienne Westwood 2015.

Though Westwood’s use of prints and patterns is perhaps more sparing than some of the other names we’ve showcased here, her use of colour is always pleasing and playful. Her collaboration with Melissa, too, demonstrates her ability to produce designs that are at once trendy and inventive but also eclectic and full of character.

What we find most inspiring is the theatricality of her work; her designs are full of whimsy yet possess a certain edge that is the hallmark of Westwood style. Think Alice in Wonderland, but with more eyeliner.

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Inspiring Designers, Part Six

This week we’re looking at fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, though you might know her better as the founder of high-end clothing and homeware brand Biba.

Hulanicki launched Biba in the 1960s, before it became a popular high-street brand in the 70s. The brand was relaunched in 2010 in House of Fraser stores, where it continues to be successful for its iconic patterns and prints.

Photo: Biba 2015.
Photo: ©Biba 2015.

What we find most inspiring about Hulanicki’s work is its subtle theatricality and use of beautiful Art Deco style. The designs are bold, statement prices yet remain sophisticated and elegant. The use of plush colours ensures a sense of luxury, making the Biba homeware collection feel really special.