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Experential Luxury Retail Store : 10 Corso Como

In this highly competitive world of 21st century retail design, more retailers are innovating brilliantly. Many are starting to create experience-based alternatives for customers which ultimately rival their fledgling e-commerce counterparts. These are not your regular brick and mortar stores, these multi-brand ventures instead transport customers into a world of design and luxury in a way that is particularly appealing.

Otherwise fondly known as concept stores, they create a sense of luxury which appeals to the discerning consumer. One iconic concept store which has received a lot of admiration is 10 Corso Como.

blog1_Corso como Beijing store
The Beijing Store
blog2_Corso como Milan store
The Milan store

Founded in 1991 by Former Italian Vogue Fashion Editor, Carla Sozzani, the store began at a time when even the concept store idea was not known. It was pretty revolutionary in its days. Having begun as an art gallery and bookshop, nowadays they’ve become one of the world’s hippest retail stores with branches in Milan, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai.

blog3_Corso como Shanghai store
The Shanghai store

Each store has been tastefully designed with bouts of personality. They showcase and sell eclectic works of art, architecture, fashion, food, music and culture with design which embodies individuality and luxury. So if you’re planning to be in any of these cities, a shopping trip to Corso Como is definitely worth adding to your itinerary.

blog4_Corso como Seoul store
The Seoul store

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